What kind of experience do I need to be considered for a bake&TAKE Franchisee?
We are looking for people with business flare and acumen. The ability to manage a team is essential so we will be looking for those who have good man management experience and financial awareness. Our Franchisees will need to have the desire to follow our systems, requirements and guidelines. Retail management experience either on the High Street or in the food sector would be a distinct advantage. We are very interested in partnering with entrepreneurial thinking people who are looking to open a number of bake&TAKE outlets in high foot-traffic locations for an agreed geographical area.

Do I have to work full time in the business?
We prefer people who have no other business interests so they can focus full time on the bake&TAKE business. However we would consider all applications on merit.

What is the set up cost of starting a bake&TAKE business?
The cost of opening a typical bake&TAKE shop ranges from £75,000 to £250,000 + VAT depending on the size of the store.

For a medium store you will need a min cash investment of £75,000 and with a large café type operation requiring a min of £100,000 unencumbered cash.

This would include initial cash flow requirements.

What are the financial requirements to become a bake&TAKE Franchisee?
You will need a minimum of £75k in liquid funds.

Does bake&TAKE provide Financing?
Our financial expert will organise this from one of the major lending institutions subject to status.

How much money can I make?
This depends on your abilities as a business person. Good operators can do very well, while poor operators may not succeed.
bake&TAKE provides you with the tools and support to help you make the business a success. However success depends on how you, the franchisee implement the systems and structures you learned on your training course. Suffice to say that a well-organised and managed bake&TAKE shop can be very lucrative.

What are the royalties and Fees?
The initial Franchisee fee is £24950 The royalty fees payable are 9.5% of all retail sales. There are some fee reductions in place for those successful operators. Incentives are also in place for those franchisees that open multiple outlets.

How long does it take to become a bake&TAKE Franchisee?
This depends on how quickly we can find you a suitable location. As a guide you should be prepared to allow four to six months to find and fit out a property.

What type of Training and support will I receive?
A minimum of four weeks training is required. However this will be extended to suit the requirements of any individual. New Franchisees must be signed off on every module of the training before they would be allowed to open a bake&TAKE shop.
The training is a mix of classroom and operational in shop.

What is the length term of the Franchise Agreement?
The initial agreement is for ten years. This can be renewed at no additional cost subject to lease and conditions laid out by the Franchisor in the Franchise Agreement.

Does bake&TAKE provide assistance with site selection?
bake&TAKE use their own property agent to secure all sites. Any potential sites need to be signed off by a Director of the bake&TAKE.

What is the typical Square Footage required to open a bake&TAKE shop?
– Large café type operation in a min of 1200sqft with a min capability of 35 seats and storage of 250sq ft.+

– Medium Size Store in min of 750sq ft. with capability of 20+ seats plus storage of 200sq ft. +

– Small / Satellite Grab and Go Store in a min of 500sq ft. No seats plus 200sq ft. storage

The Small / Satellite Grab and Go Type Store is only designed for insertion into an existing business. E.g. Post Office, Garage Forecourt etc

What happens if I want to sell the business?
You can sell your bake&TAKE business just like any other business. However, we will want to vet the incoming franchisee in the same way as we vet you.
We also have the right to match the highest offer you have received and buy the business ourselves.

How many employees will I need to employ?
Again, this is dependent on the size of the shop, volume of business and the opening hours. It should range from eight to twenty. Most of these will be part time contacts giving a head count for wage consideration of four to ten people.

What are the typical opening hours of a bake&TAKE?
This will depend on the location of the shop. Some bake&TAKE shops may trade twenty-four hours a day while others are restricted to opening hours of a Shopping Centre.

Can I talk to existing Franchisees?
As this is a new Franchise in the UK we can make provisions for you to talk to any of the German Franchisees, most of who can speak good English. If you wanted to visit some German Franchisees we can arrange this at your own expense.

What is an Open Day?
bake&TAKE have a number of Open days each month. All you need to do is complete the form on the website and one of our Directors will contact you to arrange a suitable date. During the Open day you will see a presentation on how the bake&TAKE Franchise operates. You will also visit a company owned shop where you will see the whole operation for yourself.

What Happens after the Open Day?
If the bake&TAKE business is something you are interested in pursuing then you will be invited to a one to one appraisal meeting with one of the Directors.
This will consist of psychometric testing, an in-depth interview to assess if you have the correct credentials to become a franchisee. You will then spend a few hours working in a company owned shop. This will help us gauge your suitability to our franchise whilst at the same time allowing you to get an idea of what it would be like and help form part of your due diligence into our business.



Whether you own a business or you have a desire to realise your dreams then we have the business that can deliver


It all starts with a 4-week intensive training course, this will be split into classroom and on stores or one of the german franchise outlets


Once your shop is up and running we will visit your shop on a regular basis to continue the training process and act as a business advisor

Open your own shop and become your own boss!