Developed by Dr’s Limmer and Schneider in 2003 In Essen, Germany, they have jointly grown the business to over 300 stores spanning Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands and now in the UK.

Born out of sheer business opportunity, backWERK was created to exploit a gap in the market to supply middle and lower socio economic groupings by delivering fresh product all day long at incredible prices. This strategy was extremely successful, and the business has evolved to become a firm favourite across all the social strata’s.

Strategically careful, but always poised for opportunity, the Doctors have expanded the store base through organic and commercial acquisition. In fact some long standing bakeries chose to covert to this system as the own traditional bakery business wasn’t as profitable as ours!

They say a picture paints a thousand words so enjoy the montage below to see how exciting the growth in terms of concept but mostly of Brand and the value that is intrinsically linked to having a great business model that delivers for both customers and franchisees.

This first picture shows the store design and layout in 2006. It was called “After 8” and whilst the ranging looked strong the overall theme was lees inviting than later incarnations. It did however provide some key insights as to brand awareness and was used as the spring board to designing the latest “Vanilla” scheme to which all stores are either moving or are newly built. The latest design had seen like for like sales increase of up to 20% after conversion.

Fast Forward to 2013 and what a change! These pictures demonstrate a company that has really geared up for retailing in today’s climate, sophisticated finishes, clean open glass fronts and stores now capable of being placed in a multitude of locations.

Clean modern fronts are, wherever possible, the norm for all stores. The UK retail property market lends itself to this kind of open front modern design although with over 300 stores the design and implementation programme has a myriad of options. These range from small 50 sq.m. boxes on railway station platforms to 300 sq.m café’s in thriving city centres. The key point is that it isn’t one size doesn’t fit all, as there is a design and layout custom fitted to each location.

The shots below are just a small example of where the look and feel has got to with over 300 stores we could show you thousands of pictures!

We’d like to thank you for reading this section and hope that it has given a real sense of not only where the brand has got to but more importantly where it started because any great business has to have firm foundations for success. If you want to know more or are interested in our fabulous franchise, then why not enquire further? We would be delighted to hear from you.



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