bake&TAKE offers an extensive range of more than 200 delicious bakery products. The bake&TAKE model accommodates customers’ changing habits. Nutritionists give their support to the growing trend toward snacks between meals.

Oven fresh value
Bakery products are part of our staple diet. In the past, they were freshly baked every day in the villages, towns and cities where people lived and worked.

Bake and take entrepreneurs
Yet sadly, in the age of supermarkets, this freshness has been lost. bake&TAKE brings the baking oven back into the picture – and right back into the center of people’s lives. But we also add a modern slant to the baking theme: bake&TAKE is fresh and tasty, but also inexpensive.

Freshness guarantee

  • We understand freshness to mean using natural ingredients and preparing oven-fresh products locally.
  • We constantly monitor compliance with our strict quality standards to guarantee unrivaled freshness at every bake&TAKE store.
  • We attach supreme importance to the naturally fresh taste of our breads and bakery products and sell them at a low price.


  • bake&TAKE PURITY PRINCIPLE 100% natural ingredients
  • All our bread is made exclusively from natural flour, water, yeast, salt and other natural ingredients wherever possible
  • We bake fresh bread and bread products for you all day long, making sure that it tastes like bread ought to taste!

Raw material and environment

bake&TAKE is the only trading system in the bakery sector which is independent from any the best in class manufacturers in each over tasty goods. Instead of depending on a bread factory or a handicraft business, we choose the best industrial manufacturers for each class of goods.



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It all starts with a 4-week intensive training course, this will be split into classroom and on stores or one of the german franchise outlets


Once your shop is up and running we will visit your shop on a regular basis to continue the training process and act as a business advisor

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