Mission Statement

“To present our customers with fresh, tasty and inexpensive product with full availability throughout the day.”

For us freshness means:

  • Even fresher than the competition
  • Always using quality products and ingredients
  • Giving customers a large choice of products and great presentation
  • Providing world beating customer service & ambience
  • Top level store cleanliness

bake&TAKE Social Media Policy

When you have an online presence, there are certain things you must remember. If you don’t do these things then it could seriously hurt your business.

1 Person, 1 Voice
If you’re in charge of social media then you will be responsible for anything that is said, both good and bad. You are representing a company, their brand, their baby so you need to look after it. Anything said online, once it is there, will never disappear. Not fully anyway. You can delete a tweet or status straight after sending it but some people can trace back any information or comments you have made, your tweets, statuses etc… are everywhere and it will look like it is the belief of the company, giving them a bad image.

Be Authentic
1 thing that is vital to know is you have to be authentic and honest with what you’re saying. Make people aware that you are just working for the company and anything said is your own personal opinion but is in the company’s best interest. Don’t mislead people about your connection to the business.

Respect Copyright
If you want to upload an image or video that is copyrighted, be careful. You don’t want to be taken to court for using something that doesn’t belong to you. It would reflect very badly on the business. Make sure you get permission from the owner before you post and if you don’t get permission, don’t post it regardless.

Competitors are watching
Make sure you’re aware that your competitors will be watching you. They’ll be searching the internet for you and will be observing everything you do. If you’re doing badly then they will be there to not make the same mistakes as you. They may also try to copy you when you’re doing well so be mindful of your own creativity and integrity.

Protect Company / Personal Information
The last thing you want to do is post some private information about the company, yourself or anyone else working for your business. Revealing confidential and/or sensitive information about colleagues, customers, systems, plans, wages etc… can affect even your personal life so it is in everyone’s interest to upload relevant information and nothing more.

Humour is obviously something everyone has time for but within reason. Not everyone has the same attitude towards certain things therefore it can be easy to offend people if you don’t think about what you post. Jokes on social media are often taken too far with people being banned off certain sites for certain “jokes”. Swearing is something that would also not be tolerated coming from a company of any size as it would affect your business badly.

Hijacking Threads
By all means, when someone posts something reply and join in but be careful. Posting something inappropriate against another company or person would get you into a lot of trouble. If you want an idea of what is acceptable, look at this: http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/1221163/tesco-mobile-enters-hilarious-debate-jaffa-cakes-yorkshire-tea-twitter. Do not in any way degrade another company or person if you do this, it will reflect worse on you and not them every time.

Handling Customer Responses
When responding to customers online regardless of what they have said, remember that the customer is always right. Never reply back with swearing or aggressive comments as they will make sure that the customer and more who may see it, won’t continue to give you business in the future.



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