Robin Page and Steve Mahon have been described as retail “heavy weights” and it’s not surprising. They have jointly opened over 400 stores in their retail careers across multiple business formats. Sometimes in your career the lure of being your own boss beckons and this is precisely what happened with us.

To be successful doesn’t mean that you have to have an original winning idea or formula. Franchising however means that you can take a winning business idea and insert it into a country/city or town.  We decided to do the latter, not because we are short on ideas but more specifically franchising has a greater chance of success than any other business type.

Our criteria were demanding in terms of quality of franchise but simple in terms of business and were this:

  • Master licence territory available for the UK and Northern Ireland
  • Customer facing retail operation. (Sticking to our knitting!)
  • Fast cash flow builder for franchisees
  • Ability to source cross-continentally for a diverse product range
  • Different look and feel than other retailers

Our philosophy is to work with like-minded people who have the right balance of drive, commitment and entrepreneurial flair, (and investment funds too!) whilst still retaining the ability to meet the Brand requirements we are building based on the successes founded in Germany.

Steve Mahon

Steve Mahon has a strong background in retail and has been a Director of blue chip heavy weights such as Argos Plc. and GUS Plc.  In addition Steve Mahon has worked for over 10 years in the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) sector had has managed business from Cash Generator Ltd, Ebuyer.com and latterly Wine Cellar Ltd. with over 200 convenience and office license stores. A strong retail strategist Steve Mahon has devised growth plans through major business overhauls to inventive customer facing strategies which have proven successful even during recessionary times. A real believer in the opportunity that Franchise can bring to the right people, Steve Mahon brings strong retailing skills coupled with major business building experience.

Robin Page

Robin Page grew up in Northern Ireland where he worked in the reprographic industry with Canon. Moved to England in 1988 as General Manager for a book / computer game company and has spent the last 11 years as Franchise Director for Cash Generator, the Buy and Sell stores on the High Street. During his time at Cash Generator he formed a great relationship with the British Franchise Association and was a guest speaker at many of their regional events.

Robin Page has a wealth of franchising experience and is very experienced at both the recruitment side of franchising and the business management of franchisees in the field. He was responsible for 238 franchise stores in the UK.

For some, they may have money and flair but are unable to support the strategy in building the Brand of bake&TAKE in the UK. These are all factors in making what is a two way street in making the right decision. The franchise must be a good fit for both parties. You will therefore find both Robin and Steve honest in their dealings and all that is asked from you to be the same in return.

Taking the next step to contact us is easy; making the final step of buying is much harder. We took our time to make a final decision and respect that you would want to do the same.  Both Robin and Steve would like to thank you for taking the time and trouble to get to know about us as owners and also by reading the other sections you can learn more about the Company its values and opportunities.



Whether you own a business or you have a desire to realise your dreams then we have the business that can deliver


It all starts with a 4-week intensive training course, this will be split into classroom and on stores or one of the german franchise outlets


Once your shop is up and running we will visit your shop on a regular basis to continue the training process and act as a business advisor

Open your own shop and become your own boss!